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You can hire Kobold's Keep to manage your event! Large or small, our expert staff can smoothly teach and run tabletop games to commemorate any occasion, and can supply any required product; we stock Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, and more! We can be reached at koboldkeep@gmail.com. Our packages can be found below:

Single Game Package - $100

A single Games Specialist operates a game of your choice for 4 hours. We can manage any contemporary card or board game and can provide everything required to play. Suitable for up to 6 people. Additional time can be purchased at $20 per half hour. For role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, please see our Role-Playing Package.

Role-Playing Package - $150

An expert Dungeon Master will run a party of up to 6 on an adventure for 4 hours. All supplies, including miniatures, playmat, and character sheets are provided - characters are built ahead of time but can be customized or made special by request. We support Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder games of any edition and can accommodate more niche games, but they must be requested in advance. Every player will receive a complimentary full set of Sirius (TM) dice as well as a miniature representing their character (extra character, dice and miniature sets available at $25 each).

Painting Package - $100

A Painting Specialist will set up a table and materials with which to paint miniatures, as well as offer advice on technique and color schemes. The painting table will operate for 3 hours and will include 8 unique miniatures visitors can paint and keep (Extra miniatures can be purchased at $5 each for a standard miniature - larger or more detailed miniatures can be provided at extra cost).

Tournament Package - $125

A Games Specialist will run a tournament for a game of your choice. Tournaments are, by default, Swiss format and scheduled for 3 rounds - they are projected to last 4 hours but the game in question may cause this to last longer - our Games Specialist will handle any overtime at no additional charge. We can collect entry fee from participants and decide prizing as well - we default to giving prizes to the Top 4. The Tournament Package is suitable for up to 8 players - for every new set of 8 players, the price increases $50 and a second Games Specialist, new round and hour of play should be added. We can supply product at a discounted rate for draft tournaments if required.

Party Package - $450

3 Games Specialists will set up tables, each one suitable for up to 6 people at once, for 6 hours. They can run the same, or different games, and can bring a catalogue of games if participants wish to change what game they are playing. All required materials will be provided.

Convention Package - $750

Dungeon Masters as needed (up to 4) will set up tables, each one for a party of up to 6, and run an adventure. The adventures, if desired, will be custom written, interlinked, and will support tables interacting with each other in various ways, towards cooperative or competitive objectives as preferred. These adventures will last 3 hours, after which a mass special event involving all players will take place, which by default runs 3 hours for a total of 6. Characters can be made custom or chosen from a list ahead of time, and participants receive a free set of dice and a miniature representing their character (up to 24 total).

*All events must be booked at least 30 days in advance and require a non-refundable $50 deposit to reserve the manpower and equipment. Services must be paid for before the event is run. If a package does not suit your needs, please contact us as we are capable of tailoring an experience to match our clientèle.

Contact us at koboldkeep@gmail.com!

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