Fate/Stay Night Vol. 2: Heaven's Feel Booster Pack

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    Introducing Vol.2 of the well-received set based off the movie trilogy!

    Featuring characters and scenes from all 3 movies, relive the cinematic experience as Sakura finally takes the main stage, in Weiß Schwarz!

    Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a foiled SP card!


    The artwork for the SP and SEC cards in this product have been modified from their Japanese counterparts. In place of the the hand-written quotes, character names and voice actors’ signatures, there will be designed quotes, character names and design elements unique to this title.


    The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards with card number beginning with 「FS/」 and 「FZ/」!

    Total 100 types of cards + 33 types (Parallel)
    8 cards per pack

    - $4.99

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