Ultra Pro Gallery Series: Combo Pack - Deck Vault/50 Protector Elmore Through the Dragon Pass

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    Ultra-Pro Gallery Series Deck Vault/100 Protector Elmore Through the Dragon Pass

    This listing is for one Ultra-Pro Gallery Series Limited Edition Deck Vault and 50-Deck Protector Combo Pack.  This release features art from fantasy artist Larry Elmore and is the second of three in the "Through the Dragon Pass" series.  The art depicts a dragon and mounted dragon rider taking flight in a snow-covered clearing of a mountain pass.  

    The Deck Vault holds up to 82 sleeved standard-sized cards and is made from a steel alloy.  The 50 Deck Protector sleeves are acid- and PVC-free.

    The plastic retail packaging for this item shows some yellowing with age.  

    - $19.99

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