Holding Product

Holding Product
Hello. We're completely re-doing how we take "pre-orders" or how we hold aside requested product that is not yet released to the public. We are no longer accepting Personal Texts, DMs, unrecorded 'Standing Orders', long standing verbal deals, etc. Any current "pre-order" prior to 8/20 that does not include Lorcana will be reconfirmed in the coming days. 

Either call into the store, or come in person to discuss details at the front counter. *We will not take payment for these requested holds*.

How does this affect you? If anything it will be a smoother and easier system where anyone can ask any staff to look up their request, and edit or confirm as needed. 

The idea is to also, when we get the product in our hands a few days prior, to send out a personal reminder notice to help confirm the amount requested. Hopefully this helps cut down on the stress and worry if you'll be getting that box or not. 

If the requested set/product is heavily allocated, and or, it includes items that will not be reprinted, there will be product limits and it will be set to first-come, first-served basis. Staff will also explain if said requested product is on a limited basis or not.

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