Kobold's Keep 1st Anniversary Shelf-Bustin' Sale!

Kobold Casts SALE! It’s super effective!

Let’s start off with a big THANK YOU for supporting our brick-and-mortar location over the last 12 months. The journey has been wild and, obviously, the leader kobolds have gotten great help from new and veteran kobolds alike behind the counter. None of it would be possible without all of you sharing your passions with us. We are excited to bring more things people are asking for and some things people might be excited to uncover alongside our crew. In honor of the anniversary, let’s have a sale! Here is a beautiful list of everything we would like to share with you all for less out of pocket:

(Sale concludes on 8/21/23)

Fallout & Elder Scrolls Miniatures @ 20% off
Black Seas & Blood Red Skies @ 20% off
BIG minis @ 20% off (need 2 hands to carry the box)
Marvel Crisis Protocol @ 10% off
Song of Ice and Fire @ 10% off
Shadowrun Miniatures @ 10% off
Shadows of Brimstone Expansions @ 10% off
Shadows of Brimstone Core Set @ 20% off

Ultra Pro Magic: The Gathering 100 count Art Sleeves @ $9.99 (were 13.99)
Jumbo/ Oversized Pokemon Cards @ 20% off
MTG: Unsanctioned box @ 20% off
MTG: Game Night box @ 20% off
Loose playmats @ 14.99! (were 19.99 each)
UVS / UFS non-MHA @ 20% off (new only, not singles)
UVS / UFS My Hero Academia @ 10% off (new only, not singles)

All Pathfinder Second Edition books @ 10% off 

All Renegade Games Books @ 10% off (Includes GI Joe, My Little Pony, Transformers, and Power Rangers rpgs)
All Shadowrun books @ 10% off 

TRPG Accessories
All Sirius Dice “tubed” sets @ 20% off
Figurines of Adorable Power @ 9.99 (were 14.99)

All Munchkin games @ 20% off
All Japanime games @ 20% off
All Dominara games @ 20% off
Open Box Boardgames are all Buy 1, Get 1 50% off (of equal or lesser value)

Terms and conditions:
Does not stack with any other discounts. Store credit can be used to purchase these items. In store only, online prices might not reflect in store promotion. Availability not guaranteed.

Again, thank you all. I won’t get soppy here but know that I appreciate all of you for helping this dream become an awesome reality and securing the crew of Kobolds a place to shine too.

- Jess, the sunshine kobold

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