Buying & Selling TCG Singles

Yes! We buy and sell singles! Due to the high volume of items we see, we will only list singles valued over 2.99 (or legacy Pokemon sets) on our website. Stop by the store to view our entire collection as well as our many, many boxes of bulk cards!

We only buy: 

  • Pokemon 
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Digimon TCG
  • UVS / UFS / Universus
  • One Piece TCG
  • Grand Archive
  • Shadowverse Evolved
  • Battle Spirits Saga
  • Lorcana
  • Weiss Schwartz (Signed / English Only!)
  • Star Wars Unlimited
  • Older TRPG Books

Using TCGPlayer Marketplace Prices, we can offer 40% cash or 60% store credit of your trade-in's valuation. 

Yes, we buy 'slabs' or Graded Cards! Please ask in person how we handle graded cards! 

We do not buy commons / uncommons. 

The current turnaround time for an average trade-in is: Less than 3 Kobold's Keep Business Days.

There is now a maximum quantity of 200 items per Trade-In. To prevent confusion, we can only allow 1 Active Trade-In Per Customer. Essentially, if you have a very large collection, we can stagger the trade-in 200 cards at a time. 

Due to the high volume of trade-ins, if your order consists of more than 10 cards, you will be asked to pay a deposit. (25c a card.) Once your order has processed we will tell you the total valuation of our trade-in. If you choose to sell your cards to us (either cash or credit), your deposit will be included in the payout! 

If you decide not to complete your transaction with us, we will return any cards & containers the cards came in, but hold onto the deposit. 

A Non-Expired ID is required for all cash trade-ins. If under 18, we do require a legal guardian to sign off on the trade-in. 

Please note larger collections, (upwards to the maximum of 200 items), can see a longer turnaround time of up to 2 weeks.