Card Grading

Kobold's Keep has a retailer account with CGC Cards to offer quality card grading services! 

Please bring in the card or cards that you're interested in grading and we'll take care of the rest. 

We send out cards on the last Friday of every month, so don't worry about missing a shipment! 



Bulk (TCGValue of Card X < $250): $15

Economy (TCGValue of Card X <$1000): $25

Regrades: $7.50 



Why CGC? Why not <other company>? We've been using CGC reliably for a few years now. They're tougher on grading, and more consistent in their grades. 

I'm going to just turn around and sell my slabs at the store, do you mind? Not at all! There's a robust market for slabs (and we also buy / trade in them). We also have a fair number of folks that want to slab their nostalgic cards, regardless of whatever score they get back. 

Regrades? As of 7/27/23 - CGC is going away with sub grades and the 9.5 scores. They have stated that any card that is sent back at a 9.5 will be regraded as a 10. Alternatively, if you find the slab cracked, or tampered with, they will clean and reslab the card for the same price. 

Why can't I do this by myself? Go for it! A few reasons to go with us: We eat the cost of the annual retailer account fees, thus get our orders out a little bit faster than the 'free' accounts, we split shipping among those wanting graded cards, and we handle the paperwork and the insurance just in case anything goes wrong.