Who are you? 

We're Kobold's Keep! A travelling / online pop-up tabletop store serving the Northern Nevada area and a west coast convention near you!


Where's your store?

Unfortunately we don't have a brick and mortar store. There are plans in the works to change that, however. :) 


Do you guys stock X?

Definitely shoot us an email at koboldkeep@gmail.com if you don't see something. Due to the nature of our sales we just don't have time to list them before they're sold or we hold onto a certain number of items for our in-town players before putting them up online.


Can you guys come to X con?

Send us the convention link! We'll take a look and judge if it's feasible for us to be there. Anything east of Colorado is very tricky for us, but we've got a trailer (Kurt Stormbringer) and gumption so we will give it our best shot! 


I got a question about my D&D campaign, UVS, this one Magic ruling...

Send us an email at koboldkeep@gmail.com. We love chatting with you about a whole bunch of things! When we're not a vendor, we love popping in with panels like "DMing 101, DMing 201; Dungeon Building, and PANELQUEST!" 


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