Chronicles of Crime: 1900

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    You are Victor Lavel, a young and ambitious journalist. It's the year 1900, the middle of the Belle Époque, and Paris is flourishing. There are many exciting stories to cover, but you are far more interested in murder, kidnappings, and robberies! Having a police commissioner for an uncle helps you to be among the first to know about sinister crimes, but will your wits make you the first to find the perpetrator?

    Chronicles of Crime: 1900 is a standalone, cooperative game of crime investigation. Using Scan & Play technology to mix digital and board games, it allows for many crime investigation stories to be told with the same components. Interrogate the suspects, collect evidence, and find the culprit before you run out of time!

    30 Character Cards
    38 Evidence Category Cards
    15 Special Item Cards
    7 Double-sided Location Boards
    1 Home Location Board
    20 Puzzle Cards
    1 Evidence Board
    1 Rulebook

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 1-4
    Game Length: 60-90 minutes

    This game requires a free app to play. Once downloaded, no Internet connection is required to play!

    - $29.99

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