Shipping and Inventory

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Hello! If you notice shipping prices fluctuating, please send us an email! Card singles shouldn't be sent in a large box (unless specifically chosen by you, or the weight of your order) and none of our miniatures should cost more than $5 to ship unless outside of the States or a particularly large/heavy order.  Thanks for your understanding and patience! - The Inventory Kobold

Website Revamp 2.0

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Hello!  While we're all hunkering down and waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel (and it's coming! We see it!), Shop Admin has noticed a few issues with the website. As many of you know, we're a 2 person team that started this whole business venture as volunteers for our local anime convention nearly a decade ago. We've honed our craft through many years, many mistakes (Convention Horror Stories is a blog post I've tossed around in my head here and there), and many many rounds of gaming. As such, we're more knowledgeable of a good board game than we are of marketing or SEOs or other internet buzzwords we have to look up.  We're very proud that this little venture even has a website, which as of last year seemed an intangible dream. There were many nights plinking away in front of our computer screens to just take stock of everything, how best to sort everything, and trying to take slightly blurry professional photos of our products. In our excitement, we may not have optimized how we presented the games and trinkets we love. We're going to be fixing that soon, adding more descriptions, and alongside a few graphical upgrades and restocks we're very excited to be able to utilize selling Pokémon singles! On top of that, we're going to be adding some very exciting conventions to the calendar! (Of course, not anytime super soon.)  Thank you for joining our small team on this wild ride. We appreciate every sale, everyone that stopped by our booth just to talk about their D&D character, or even just a small smile and nod our way to show we're not majorly messing this up. Happy Holidays, stay safe, and let's end this ridiculous year on a high note.  - <3 Shop Admin P.S. Thank you to Binder POS for helping us set up a gaming-centric site. We promise to not bother you guys so much while we're awake and you're asleep on the other side of the world. 

Pathfinder 2: Heir to The Throne of Golarion

Pathfinder 2: Heir to The Throne of Golarion

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     Ever since its release this August, Pathfinder 2 has rapidly been gaining ground. At first, many were worried the new edition was a wild gamble, an effort to distance themselves from a noble past as the successor to 3.5 - a past that was still overshadowed by industry giant, Wizards of the Coast. Apprehension was high, because the last time someone tried to leave such a legacy behind was the divisive release of 4th edition; an era of polarization, fan division, and struggle that is only now being forgotten thanks to the successful 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. People were right to be worried. If Pathfinder's sequel wasn't handled properly, releasing it would send the game into its death throes, and Golarion, the principle setting for it, would be lost to the mists of oblivion.     The anticipated moment came, the system was played, and Pathfinder 2 was determined to be founded on a solid foundation, constructed from logical concepts and nuanced gameplay. Paizo looked at the core ideas role-players loved from games past, and brought them in line with modern sensibilities - the result is a cutting edge game with mechanics such as criticial hits being determined not by what you roll, but by how much better you do than what you were aiming for (with the vaunted 20 giving you a free bump if you manage to roll it while still making the bare minimum), and lengthy class charts being done away with thanks to most everything being tied to your level and class.     Pathfinder 2, a mere month and a half after its release, is posting a 7.58 on Board Game Geek, trailing behind D&D 5th edition by a mere 0.50 - and Pathfinder 2 didn't sacrifice the depth of its parent system to do it. While D&D's current incarnation is an absolute champion of a system, simple and robust enough that -anyone- can see its appeal, one of the few complaints it hears is it doesn't quite go deep enough for the seasoned player. While there isn't a wealth of splatbooks available for Pathfinder 2 at the moment, what is there is compelling, and Paizo made certain Pathfinder staples like the Alchemist (and their beloved Goblins) were represented.      We are privileged to see a new era dawn in tabletop gaming, and only time will tell if Paizo's new champion can truly contend against the cultural giant that is Dungeons and Dragons, but the odds look good. Do yourself a favor and check out Pathfinder 2 - you won't be disappointed!

ReaperCon Online This September!

ReaperCon Online This September!

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Despite the difficulties our beloved hobbies (and events especially) have faced since COVID reared its ugly head, many in the industry have stayed active by going online. Following GenCon's example, Reaper Miniature's home convention, ReaperCon, is hitting the digital age in style this September!Boasting everything from special product to painting lessons to tabletop roleplaying game sessions, ReaperCon has an impressive programming for the weekend of September 3rd (Details found here) with us providing a fair few panels and a game as well. Arguably the most impressive aspect of ReaperCon is its accessibility - anyone with an active internet connection can participate, free of charge. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to catch a game or two or a panel, and I'll see you there!-Eduardo N. Yarhi

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